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Bracelet | paua shell gold stainless steel paperclip

Bracelet | paua shell gold stainless steel paperclip

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Handmade pāua shell bracelet

This captivating bracelet is crafted from a gleaming golden stainless steel chain, and the vibrant hues of a pāua shell, shaped by the mighty ocean's waves. The pāua shell, a remarkable abalone species endemic to New Zealand's picturesque coastline, is not only incredibly beautiful but also supremely resilient and long-lasting. This exquisite piece of jewelry is a true embodiment of the ocean's vibrant energy, capturing the essence of the beachy vibe and the enduring charm of nature's craftsmanship.

| D E T A I L S |
• Material | golden stainless steel, abalone shell
• Colour | blue, grey, purple
• Length | 14 cm
• Extendable | yes, up to 19 cm
• Closure | lobster clasp
• Shell size | varies between 2-3 cm

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