About us

Fynn and felize at the beach in New Zealand

Hii! Welcome to Salty Dreamers!  We are Fynn from Germany and Felize from the Netherlands. :)

In 2020, we met while travelling New Zealand and fell in love.

We share a love for nature and especially the ocean.

On many of our long beach walks, we would find the beautiful Paua shell. This shell is known for its bright blue and green colours and is native to New Zealand.

We got fascinated by the paua shell and in 2021 our little jewellery brand 'The Paua Factory' was born.

Not only do we love the paua shell, but we also cherish sunset beach walks, feeling the sand between our toes and the salt in our hair.

This led to our jewellery brand evolving into Salty Dreamers, a welcoming platform where fellow ocean lovers can discover not only beautiful handmade paua shell jewellery, but also a variety of other beach-themed items. We also share heartfelt blog posts that tell our personal stories, inviting everyone to connect with our experiences on a deeper level.

Our website is created to remind you of the wonderful feeling you get when you walk along sandy shores with the gentle sea breeze touching your skin.

We put a lot of care and attention into every item we create, hoping to inspire you to carry a piece of that magic with you wherever you go.

So dive into our world and let Salty Dreamers become a part of your own seaside dreams.


Fynn & Felize