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Earrings | paua shell 925 silver

Earrings | paua shell 925 silver

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Handmade pāua shell earrings

Let these cute earrings transport you to the shores of paradise with their natural beauty and allure. The pāua shell, also known as ormer, is a rare and exquisite treasure found in the depths of the New Zealand coast. These earrings, handmade from sterling silver hooks and a single pāua shell, will capture the essence of the ocean and radiate a beachy vibe. Let the shimmer and iridescence of these earrings remind you of the vastness and tranquility of the sea.

∙ D E T A I L S ∙

• Material | 925 silver, pāua shell
• Colour | blue, green
• Size | varies between 4-5 cm
• Closure | ear wire

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