How did we meet?

As you might know, we are both originally from different countries. But we met in New Zealand. We flew over 18000 km to the other side of the world and sought for adventure and new cultures. 

It all started in Auckland, the biggest city of New Zealand, where almost 1/3 of New Zealand's population lives. This is where we met, and a friendship evolved. We stayed in the same hostel and shared so many laughs.

The first months, we both worked in different places and enjoyed living in this beautiful country. After these months, we contacted each other and decided to travel together. It was the start of our adventure. We started off travelling around the north island of New Zealand in the summer months, a perfect climate to discover new places and to randomly go swimming in a lake along the road. 

While driving around the little roads of New Zealand, we saw beautiful mountain scenery and discovered hidden gems. And in our 8 weeks of total freedom and sleeping in our little van, we fell in love. It was the perfect ending to our north island road trip and the start of our shared lives and love for New Zealand.


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