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Welcome to Salty Dreamers, a little business founded in January 2021. This was right after we came back from the most beautiful travel so far, which was, New Zealand. With we, I mean, Fynn & Felize, a couple who have travelled New Zealand together.

Fynn is from Germany and came to New Zealand in 2019 after finishing school. He is adventurous and very good at everything that involves a computer.

Felize is from the Netherlands and came to New Zealand a few weeks later. She is a perfectionist and likes to create new things.

How we met each other, you can read here

After we came back to Germany, we started to make our first jewellery pieces, and we loved the result. Now we are so happy to share these colourful pieces of jewellery with you on our own website.

Have fun scrolling through our collections, and feel free to read more about New Zealand and our personal stories in our other blog posts.


Fynn & Felize

Salty Dreamers


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